Electro-Permanent Magnetic quick mold clamping system
For Injection molding machine
magbo is currently the most comprehensive answer to the growing requirement of JIT (just in time), SMED (single minute die exchange) in all advanced manufacturing processes facing smaller batch runs and wider product ranges.

A magnetically clamped mold of any size, large or small, is held flat against the machine eliminating any mechanical clamping stress or deformation due to the force being applied to the entire surface area of the mold and not just around the peripheral area as in traditional mechanical or hydraulic methods.
The combination of mold/magnetic module/machine platen becomes a perfect match and guarantees superior operating conditions. The absence of deflections in the mold and machine platens translates to better quality and repeatability of the molded parts.
Automotive, home appliances, lighting, packaging, electronics, connectors, fittings, furniture, health care and many others industries are already successfully using MBP systems on machines of any size and tonnage.


Quick pay-back

Our competitive price combined with the high R.O.I.of the system allow to justify the investment within a few months of use.


Perfect adaptability

MBP can be easily and quickly installed on any press by bolting the magnetic modules to the slots or hole pattern present on the machine platens without any modification.


Ergonomical and practical

A single mold setter, without special skills, can perform the mold

change standing outside the machine and away from the mold during its handling phase.


Long lasting

Magbo prevents any damage from occurring to the machine platens, eliminates the need to repair damaged holes or surfaces increasing the productivity of each machine it is installed on. With no moving or wearable parts, the system will retain it’s value for years to come.


Reduced inventory

The implementation of the “Just in Time” manufacturing process translates into sharp reduction of inventory with the optimization of the floor space, handling costs and time.


Clean enviroment

The absence of hydraulic oil makes MBP the ideal solution for the production of uncontaminated parts in a clean room environment.


Scrap reduction

The quality of clamping with rapid mold changes, that helps to keep the working temperature, enhances the productivity of the machine, generates a significant reduction of non conforming parts.


No additional “hidden” cost

The only investment is the initial one. No cost for bolts, nuts,

clamps or dedicated tools and no more problems with maintenance of the hydraulic circuit and with oil waste disposal. No maintenance of the MBP modules and machine platens. No loss of production.