material handling
  •   HPP Electro-Permanent Lifter
  •   HPD Lifting Magnet Built In Push Buttons
  •   HPC Electro-Permanent Lifter With Controller
  •   HPB Lifting Magnet With Radio Remote
  •   HPT Electro-Permanent Lifter for Plates and Slabs
  •   HPS Electro-Permanent Lifter for Slab and Block
  •   HPM Electro-Permanent Plate Handling Lifter
  •   HPR Electro-Permanent Round Stock Handling Lifter
  •   HBP Electromagnetic Lifter
  •   PLN Permanent Lifter
  •   SAFER
  •   SAFER-T Safer Thin System
  •   SAFER-R Safer High Capacity Round Stock Lifter
  •   PAR Safer Vertical System
  •   BLM Safer Fixed Beam
  •   NLT Pneumatically Actuated Permanent Lifting Magnets
■ HELMHOLTZ is built to meet the demanding steel mill environment.
■ HELMHOLTZ has unsurpassed solutions for the manufacture, distribution, storage and final finishing of steel products.

■ HELMHOLTZ: THE STEEL MILL STANDARD for increased safety and effiency.

HELMHOLTZ will provide the correct technology for the utmost safety and versatility throughout the range of material handling applications.
With intricate knowledge of all 3 magnetic technologies, Permanent, Electro, and Electro-permanent HELMHOLTZ will provide the right magnet for your application:
Electro = pound for pound the most powerful magnets in the world
Electro-Perm = Safest magnets in the world equal to electro in performance
Permanent = the lowest cost/least maintenance required over their service life