material handling
  •   HPP Electro-Permanent Lifter
  •   HPD Lifting Magnet Built In Push Buttons
  •   HPC Electro-Permanent Lifter With Controller
  •   HPB Lifting Magnet With Radio Remote
  •   HPT Electro-Permanent Lifter for Plates and Slabs
  •   HPS Electro-Permanent Lifter for Slab and Block
  •   HPM Electro-Permanent Plate Handling Lifter
  •   HPR Electro-Permanent Round Stock Handling Lifter
  •  HBP Electromagnetic Lifter
  •   PLN Permanent Lifter
  •   SAFER
  •   SAFER-T Safer Thin System
  •   SAFER-R Safer High Capacity Round Stock Lifter
  •   PAR Safer Vertical System
  •   BLM Safer Fixed Beam
  •   NLT Pneumatically Actuated Permanent Lifting Magnets
These magnets are compact, mobile, self-contained using a heavy duty 12 volt battery. Operating on this battery source they are free of restrictive cords and wires, They also have the added advantage of being useful in areas where electricity is not available.

♦The battery charger has an automatic cut-off prevent over-charging battery
♦Audible Warning Alarm & Flashing Light indicates low battery
♦Interlock prevents magnet de-energization when suspended in air
♦Remote control keeps the operator a safe distance while operating the magnet. 
♦Safety switch prevents de-mag unless the load is safely on the ground

Steel service centers, Mold and die shop, Fabricators, Heat treating, steel mills, Steel warehouse

These versatile magnets are used in many areas of applications; handling of plates, die blocks, machined components, smoooth castings and forgings. These battery powered magnets are extremely useful throughout any plant, shipping and receiving areas, storerooms, on cut-off saws, burning and welding tables, and with other machine tools such as grinders, shapers, drill presses and more.
Battery Powered magnets use a heavy-duty 12VDC battery and can be turned on and off using a touch pad mounted on the front of the magnet or a hand held I/R remote transmitter.

Specifications:          mm(inch)