material handling
  •   HPP Electro-Permanent Lifter
  •   HPD Lifting Magnet Built In Push Buttons
  •   HPC Electro-Permanent Lifter With Controller
  •  HPB Lifting Magnet With Radio Remote
  •   HPT Electro-Permanent Lifter for Plates and Slabs
  •   HPS Electro-Permanent Lifter for Slab and Block
  •   HPM Electro-Permanent Plate Handling Lifter
  •   HPR Electro-Permanent Round Stock Handling Lifter
  •   HBP Electromagnetic Lifter
  •   PLN Permanent Lifter
  •   SAFER
  •   SAFER-T Safer Thin System
  •   SAFER-R Safer High Capacity Round Stock Lifter
  •   PAR Safer Vertical System
  •   BLM Safer Fixed Beam
  •   NLT Pneumatically Actuated Permanent Lifting Magnets
These magnets are compact, mobile, self-contained using a heavy duty 12 volt battery. Operating on this battery source they are free of restrictive cords and wires. They also have the added advantage of being useful in areas where electricity is not available.
Remote control allows loading and unloading of large burn tables.

♦More than 600 Mag / De-mag operations without recharging the batteries. Batteries require charging once a week instead of every day so they will last longer than standard electro-magnet batteries
♦With the electro-permanent design the electrical power is only required for just a few seconds to activate and deactivate the magnet. This means loss of power does not change the holding force
♦If the battery is getting low, the mag / demag will be disabled and flashing light will indicate this status
♦Built in battery charger can 220-240V for a 8 hours charging cycle
♦Remote control distance more than 35 meters
♦HSS (Helmholtz safety system) prevents De-mag while load is suspended
♦Mag/De-mag can be performed by using buttons on the lifter or via wireless remote
♦Heavy duty Handle/guard combo makes the lifter easy to use and tough
♦Monoblock structure make the devise sturdy and maintance free

Handling of plates, blocks, bars, finished parts from longer distances especially useful for loading machines/burn tables

Specifications:         mm(inch) 

Load Capabilities:       mm(inch)